INYA Rechargeable Suction Vibe: The Rose

The saying goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What if I told you I think flowers are the honest answer. That’s right. Flowers. I’m not talking about the living ones either, hell, even the fake ones. I am talking about the florals in the adult toy box. Companies have made sex toys in almost every shape. I honestly think flowers are my favorite, specifically The Rose from INYA. 

I recently received this toy as a gift from my significant other, and he knew I was in the market for a replacement for The Satisfyer Pro due to my misplacement of cable chargers. Despite being a professional toy collector, I still have not successfully figured out how to store my chargers, let alone keep track of what charger belongs to what toy. 

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the compact rose toy had a similar funky charging cord, but I didn’t let that stop me from turning it on. At first, I was skeptical about it because The Rose has one button on the outer silicone layer of the petals. You can turn it off and on by holding it for two seconds, and pressing the button can cycle through the seven patterns at different speeds. 

I think it’s hard to find toys with only one button that do a good job. This one exceeded expectations by far. The motor is quiet hum until you find a faster speed. I enjoyed the toy during foreplay and even during my orgasm. It’s unusual for me to want a toy to help me finish, but I loved how this made me feel. I can honestly say the suction is more powerful than my other toys, and it ranks higher than The Satisfyer Pro in my toy collection. It is splash-resistant and lube compatible, which came in handy for me. After finishing with any toy, I dread the clean-up stage. The structural design made this process pass much quicker than others.

Overall, this toy is a new favorite, and I hope this experience encourages you to try it out. 

Price of toy: under $100 

Click here to purchase!

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